Doctors Weight Loss hasn't always been the leading distributor of weight loss products. Our humble beginnings have allowed us to stay focused on customer satisfaction and bringing you the best in medical grade diet options. 

580,304 customers


Doctors Weight Loss began in December 2008 as a small, online store for basic weight loss food products. Not long after, we developed our three flagship brands NutriWise, Protiwise, and BestMed Weight Loss. We were committed to making sure these brands used top-quality formulations. Our customers were able to stop paying the high prices offered at weight loss clinics, and instead get the same products for a fraction of the cost by buying from us. 


We have grown exponentially in the last 10 years, gaining more and more brands to bring you all of the best weight loss products we can find. We have helped thousands of people worldwide reach their weight loss goals and are constantly developing new resources to help you be the best YOU. We have recently gained the help our an in-house Nutritionist to help our customers find out exactly what products they need to succeed. 


Our success wouldn't be possible without the dedication of our team of professionals. From owner to packer, everyone is essential to the process of running Doctors Weight Loss.

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