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About Us:

In early 2009, what started off as the dream of a company in a 500 square foot studio, now boasts as a privately owned medical grade nutrition company. As all great journeys do, ours too began with monumental amounts of hard-work and the dedication to make it big, even within the downward economic climate of 2009. Christian Forster, President & CEO of Doctors Best Weight Loss, began his journey working alongside his sister in her weight loss clinic, which caters specifically to the needs of bariatric surgery patients. With an increasing demand by patients for a line of weight loss products that were both nutritious and delicious, Christian took it upon himself to source high-quality weight-loss supportive foods, drinks, and vitamins. Through extensive research and a multitude of experience, he handpicked a line of medically proven bariatric products that are well-equipped to help people lose weight and maintain the weight lost. He made it his mission to not only search out products with the type of nutritional information you’d feel great about putting inside your body, but to find products that taste great doing so.

Thus, Doctors Best Weight Loss was born. Nine years and countless work-induced sleepless nights later, we are an international company with customers all over the world, in all walks of life. What was once a single man’s effort, has now become a huge company specialized in the distribution of bariatric products. With a larger than ever before team, we here at Doctor’s Best Weight Loss have made it our mission to provide the best experience to our customers through customer service like no other. We’re a family, and everyday through the support of wonderful customers like you, our family grows.

Why us over everyone else?

About Doctors Best Weight Loss

Repeat after me: Customer service. Customer Service. Customer Service.
We here at Doctor’s Best Weight Loss pride ourselves on our familiar and friendly customer service. It is ingrained in everyone working for the company, and has become the thread-work of what our company thrives off of. You are our number one priority and so we do everything in our power to make sure your experience shopping with us is one you’ll enjoy. Our regular customers know our team by name and have an established and familiar relationship. We care about your journey as it is also part of ours.

About Doctors Best Weight Loss

More than a Company:

We will continually add new products and services that will benefit our customers. Please feel free to explore our website and see what Doctors Best Weight Loss can offer you. Live counseling, both online and via telephone, replaced traditional customer visits to brick-and-mortar centers and created a new and extremely private way for people to deal with oftentimes difficult weight loss issues.

Additionally, by way of online ordering, Doctors Best Weight Loss can now deliver its quality diet food and meal programs directly to consumers' doorsteps, providing a convenient and streamlined way to adopt better eating habits and lose weight. Clients just log in, decide on a recommended meal plan, order their food, and once it arrives, they're ready to go! Doctors Best Weight Loss also offers vitamins and dietary supplements to clients, to ensure that customers receive proper nutrition while focusing on weight loss. Doctors Best Weight Loss stands as a constant pillar of support and information for those looking to lose weight in a busy world. As an Internet force, its wide-ranging web content, combined with its knowledgeable and well-trained counselors, equals a powerful resource for all dieting consumers.

The Team:

Christian "boss-man" Forster
CEO & President

Spending his day in no place longer than two minutes and eleven seconds, Christian can be found constantly walking the length of the offices and warehouse, holding the world together.
“Feels like a kindergarten teacher at all times.”

Jessica Acevedo
Warehouse Manager

Jessica works best under stress, with an energy drink in hand, she can tackle the world (of weight loss products) with enough ease unparalleled.
“What are we eating today?"

Sam Awada
Lead Developer & Project Manager

Sam's job is to make sure everything is running smoothly at all times. He loves developing new programmatic features, track sales conversions & put together new online marketing strategies to reach new audiences and grow the online side of the business.
"Obsessed w/technology, entrepreneurship & startups. Coffee keeps him alive."

Natasha Ali
Content Writer

Our lead content writer, Natasha is best known for her juvenile Shakespearean vocabulary, and ability to write about nutritional food with an enthusiasm unmatched.
"Loves food and books. Dedicated sushi eater. Rereads Harry Potter every year.”

Abnel Charles
Graphic Designer/Web Developer

As our lead graphic designer, Abnel can spend days with his best friend Photoshop perfecting all his work. He’s recently begun web developing but misses the quality time spent with Photoshop.
“College Football. Strongly (and rightfully so) believes UF is a great team. Coffee makes him sleepy."

Andrea Gonzales
Customer Service Manager

Spending all day on the phone, Andrea makes sure our customers have a great experience shopping with us all the while drinking enough coffee to supply a Starbucks.
“Strongly believes in the powers of a great handbag. Eats sandwiches professionally"

Daniel "call me Danny" Mejias
Web Developer

Our newest member and resident quiet guy in the office, Danny spends his days sipping coffee slowly and typing away angrily. He doesn’t believe in desks and would rather work off his laptop.
“Believes graphic t-shirts make the world better. Watches anime only once a year"

Tina Parton
Warehouse Coordinator, Customer Service Representative

Tina is one of the key components in getting your orders to you fast and effectively. Spending her day packing at the speed of light, Tina is best known for nothing in particular.
”Really likes tacos. Die hard My Chemical Romance fan. Loves eating tacos while listening to My Chemical Romance"

Christina Lockhart
Warehouse Coordinator/Customer Service Representative

Christina is arguably the fastest packer in the world and can be found gracefully maneuvering through the warehouse, making it all look easy.
“Napping and dancing are her two passions in life. Doesn’t consider tomatoes as fruit."

Victor “too special” Dopico
Does Everything

Handling all day to day activities in the warehouse, Victor is the go-to man if you need something (or someone) taken care of. Vic can be found racing cars, playing football, or partaking in other manly activities outside of work.

Andres Martinez
Does Everything 2.0

Our number one fish informant and general do-er of things, Andres can be found working on a multitude of projects that keeps Doctors Best afloat (pun intended) and successful.
“Just really loves fish. Still thinks Pluto is a planet"

Evelyn “Eveeee” Forster
Official Mascot

Between running around chewing everyone's laces off and falling asleep on our laps, Eve makes the world a better place and the office feel like home.
“Bites really hard out of love. Can’t bark well. Was a leading model in a previous life"

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