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With Us, Losing Weight Is Easy


Maintain 1000-1800 calorie diet by replacing unhealthy food options with our medical grade diet supplements


Use our supplements every 3 hours to sustain maximum metabolic functions through high protein intake


Consult with your doctor to make informed choices regarding the best and healthiest way for you to lose weight

Our Diet Programs Have Helped Thousands Worldwide

Plus, our website has many amazing tools to help you reach your goals


Meal Plans

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How To Get Started

To jump right in and start seeing results fast, try one of our meal plans that already has exactly what you need to start your diet.

If you would rather try a few products first, try looking through our bestsellers, specials, or brands such as NutriWise.

Remember that a successful diet is about more than just the food.

Keep a diet journal so you can log exercise time, water consumption (64oz a day recommended), and pounds lost.

Stay up to date on sales and promotions by signing up for our emails. If you find a product you love, use our simple subscription system to receive them every month.

And finally, never give up! Your weight loss goals are never out of reach.

Still Not Sure?

Here's an example of the best way to utilize our products


1 Diet Shake or Pudding, 1 Hight Protein Breakfast, 1 dairy OR 1 starch serving

Morning Snack

1 High Protein VLC Bar, 1 fruit


1 Meal Replacement, 1 Lite Entree or Soup

Afternoon Snack

1 High Protein VLC Bar OR 1 Healthy Snack


1 6-8oz protein serving, 2 cups vegetables, 2 optional starch


1 High Protein Dessert
*Sample Daily Menu
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