Success Stories

Five stars. Every time!

five stars

We started in July and lost almost 100lbs between us, it was simple to follow, no counting, no fuss, we both look amazing and feel better too. Thanks!

Fred & Jacque B.

I never thought I could enjoy a weight loss program like I did. I began using the meal replacement shakes along with low carb diet plan and instantly started losing. I didn't work out as much as I should but still was able to lose 38lbs in 4 months.

Michele C.

I have been using your supplements for about 8 months. I have went from 232 pounds to 172 pounds. still have about 40 more pounds to lose.

Johanna H.

Your products are the best. I have lost 100lbs in a year using these.

Renee R.

Have lost 59 lbs and went from 42 waist to 36 since January.

Joseph B.

I started the program in July of 2010 and have lost 49 lbs. I am still working on trying to lose at least 10 more lbs. with the help of Bariatric Diet Supplements products, I know I can do this!

Tina E.

Get Paid For Losing Weight

$50 for a testimonial photo
$100 for a video

How It Works

We want to hear your story in exchange for real money! All you have to do is submit a "before" and an "after" picture or a video testimonial of yourself while you were on the Doctors Best Weight Loss program.

Include a few paragraphs about your weight loss journey and how Doctors Best Weight Loss helped you achieve your results (at least 300 words). You'll receive $50 for photo-entries & $100 for video-entries if chosen to post on our site.

We aren't looking for the most pounds lost, instead we are interested in who has made the most progress towards thir personal ideal shape.

**Photos must be in high-definition & videos filmed from a smart-phone horizontally.

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