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Keto has changed the way we look at weight loss diets. This new method to cheat the system has us cutting out carbs and sugars almost entirely from our diet and consuming a large quantity of high-fat foods.

How it works: When the body doesn't have enough carbohydrates or sugars to source it's energy from - it goes into a state of ketosis & begins to create energy from fat. With this diet, we activate ketosis in the body by keeping your intake of carbohydrates & sugars to a minimum. That means less fruits & more cheese!

Our Keto Friendly Meal Plan will have you consuming delicious high-protein products from ProtiWise along with low-calorie meals based on the portions & directions inåÊyour Shopping List. Our goal is to help you start building healthy eating habits that you will carry with you once you are done with the plan.

Daily Meal Plan Break-Down (6 Meals Daily)

Breakfast: 1 ProtiWiseåÊShake & Pudding Mix, Optional Coffee
Morning Snack: 1 High Fat Snack
Lunch: 1 ProtiWise Soup/Chili + 2 cups of Vegetables
Afternoon Snack: 1 Protiwise Wafers or VLC Protiwise Bars
Dinner: 6-8oz Animal Protein + 2 cups of Vegetables
Evening Snack: 1 ProtiWise Fruit Drink or Gelatin

4-Week Meal Plan Supply

4 boxes of Protiwise Pudding & Shake Mix

4 boxes of Protiwise Soups

4 boxes of Protiwise Fruit Drinks/Gelatins

4 boxes of ProtiWise VLC Bars or Wafers

2 box of Keto FX Powder

KetoFX Powder: Take one between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner. Always good to take before exercise as well.


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